Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery, investigation, examination, and analysis of material found in digital devices.

Digital Forensics is used in the insurance industry to accumulate evidence to confirm the cause of an insurable event, to confirm statements, determine intent or authenticate documents.

In the majority of computer related forensic investigations, an investigator will need to be able to access data sources (desktops, laptops, handheld devices, email servers, file servers) and make a forensic “image”, which produces a precise snapshot of everything on a hard disk at a point in time. They also often involve recovering a variety of documents relating to a case. This may include the recovery of deleted files, password-protected files, or hidden information.

As part of our investigation, we must address technical challenges presented. These encompass encryption, basic questions of data storage and “anti-forensics” tactics intended to circumvent our efforts.

We use the latest forensic tools and techniques to maximize the effectiveness and speed of a sound investigation. We quickly and thoroughly uncover vital pieces of evidence that was thought to be destroyed.

We have experience in digital investigations and enjoy long standing relationships with major companies across different industry sectors.

We use international standards of best practise and industry leading hardware and software to carry out our service.

We offer confidential, secure, and cost-effective forensic services including Digital Investigations, Electronic Discovery and the collection of Electronically Stored Information, Hard Drive Shredding and Certified Hard Drive Erasure.