Stocktaking & Valuation Of Damaged Stock

We provide an outsourced stocktaking service across Ireland where we place teams of professional stock takers into a premiss to count damaged stock resulting from an insurance claim. This provides both the insurer and the insured with an accurate and certified count for their insurance claim.


It is often the case that damaged stock made need to be removed from an insured premises to allow for the business to get back to full operations as soon as possible. In such cases we provide a stock removal service whereby we remove the damaged stock to our premises in Parkwest, Dublin 12 and perform the stocktake there.  


Our specialty is in the valuation of damaged stock and the sourcing of like for like replacements particularly in relation to high tech electronic claims. Often an insured may claim a state-of-the-art replacement for a damaged item with a much lower specification. In these cases, our knowledge and experience are invaluable in ensuring that the Insurer only pays out what is appropriate.